To keep up the exposure and momentum that the Black Lives Matter movement has brought to black businesses, we are doing our part to keep the ball rolling and provide support as much as we can with our platforms.

On that note, we have curated some activities going on around the world that promote black businesses and communities as we know it. We’ll continue to update this list with more information as soon as we have them.

#BlackBizDay: On #BlackBizDay, which will take place on the 2nd day of every month (the monthiversary of #BlackOutTuesday). Challenge yourself to spend more with black owned businesses during the month, and challenge others to do the same. This is also a great day to reflect on activities supporting black business which you can reflect on. If you’re not sure where to begin, this directory should help you get started. To join the challenge, read more here.

Blackout Day 2020: Blackout day 2020 is scheduled to hold on July 7, 2020, a day when supporters have committed to only spending money at black-owned businesses; this includes banks, grocery stores, gas stations, hair salons, and all forms of commerce. You can register for the movement or learn more information at

Black Business Month 2020: The month of August has been set aside as the National Black Business Month, to recognize the Black-owned businesses in the US. To plug in to the movement, support and encourage African American-owned businesses in your community. Learn more about business opportunities for the African American community and use #NationalBlackBusinessMonth in your social media posts. Discover more on the Black Business Month website.

Black History Month UK: Black history month began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated in February in the United States and Canada, while in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom it is observed in October. Black history month UK 2020 will begin on Thursday, October 1, and end on Saturday, October 31. To plug to the movement visit

Visit our directory here to find black businesses to support. If you need a list of other directories for black-owned businesses, click HERE