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When it comes to cake, I’d always been more of a consumer than a creator until I was given a top secret recipe for traditional honey cake by a dear friend’s mum. The resulting loaf went down a storm at the office, bathed me in baking glory, and I’ve been pretty much covered in flour since.

Well, that’s not strictly true. I was seven months pregnant with my second child at the time, so I obviously left the kitchen briefly to give birth and spend a little time getting used to life as a family of four. Night feeds helpfully turned out to be a great opportunity to binge-watch baking videos on YouTube. I took a short evening course, got busy experimenting in the kitchen and haven’t looked back.

What started with a festive pear and ginger layer cake for a family get-together quickly progressed to regular batches of macarons, bespoke birthday cake creations, and that most important responsibility in the hierarchy of baking, wedding cake.  And just like that, this baker was born.